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Client Success is Our Success


UH PTAC welcomes success stories from our clients.  We believe that your success is our success.  If you are a client and have an achievement or a great story, we appreciate the opportunity to share the news.



Spotlight on Client Success: Kerberos International, Inc.

Kerberos, a Texas Corporation, was founded in 2006 by Dawn Cole that started off as a diversity consulting firm that launched into an arsenal of products and services to support our Military and emergency management responders.  Today the firm offers electronic warfare equipment, focused classroom and opposing force training and portable surveillance and broadcast products.

Dawn first came to the PTAC in June of 2010.  She learned about the services of the PTAC at a NASA training event the PTAC sponsored.  She first met with Ron Marta our Government Accounting Advisor who discussed proposal issues, pricing, and marketing to the government.  Around December of 2011, Ms. Cole met with Deidra Sutton our Certification and Construction Advisor who assisted with the firms SBA 8a application.  Ms. Sutton assisted Ms. Cole with the 8a application submission, response issues and finally the 8a business plan once we finally got approved in March of 2013.  There were extra steps and long delays between responses due to the heavy volume of applicants but Dawn persevered and it paid off.

Dawn Cole is a true entrepreneur who struggled through hard times, experienced unscrupulous contractors and closed her business for about a year to work and pay off her business debts so she can start over with a clean slate.  All of these life lessons positioned Dawn for growth.  She moved into a new office suite, made in roads with resellers, established three teaming agreements, landed contracts with DOD, State of Texas DIR, and is negotiating a mentor protégé opportunity.  And after only six months in the 8a program she has secured her first sole source contract. That’s determination! 

Another insight to business growth is recognizing the importance of financial stability.  Dawn originally started her firm with her own limited resources and because of that she could not hold on to the firm when the Contractor defaulted and went bankrupt owing her more than $150,000.  But today Dawn has secured a significant line of credit with a good interest rate and she is poised to succeed.

Dawn definitely brought her “A” game to her business and it may just have something to do with business name.


Kerberos was depicted in Greek mythology as the fierce, three headed dog that guards the gates of Hell.

Kerberos was the offspring of Echidna, a hybrid half-woman and half-serpent, and Typhon, a fire-breathing giant whom even the Olympian gods feared. In most works, Kerberos' heads represent ability to see the past, the present and the future.

Occasionally, a person who didn't belong in Hell needed to visit one of Hell's residential spirits. One of Kerberos' responsibilities was to escort these people into Hell and bring them out safely.

It is our sincere wish, prayer and affirmation that all men and women who are deployed into harm's way – whether they are war fighters, peacekeepers, first responders, aid workers, intelligence agents, fire fighters or crime fighters – are able to come home

Good Job Dawn Cole and thank you for letting PTAC be a part of your success.