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Growing your Government Sales

Your counselor at the UH PTAC will assist you in researching your industry. We will help you find new places to prospect for government contracts. You can ask yourself these questions:

Are you looking at every opportunity?

  • Federal Opportunities FBO.gov
  • Texas State Opportunities Electronic State Business Daily
  • City of Houston Registered Vendors Procurement Data Base

Where else should you be looking?

  • DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) for manufacturers and machine shops
  • Local Contracting Office Forecasts
  • Regional Entities Metro, HISD, Port of Houston
  • Subcontract opportunities with large prime contractors

Are you marketing effectively?

  • Is your name out there in front of contractors and agencies?
  • Do you have a one-page capabilities statement in PDF format?
  • Do you have a signature on your e-mail that includes all your government information?
  • Are you registered in the small business or diversity programs of the large contractors?

Are you networking?

  • Do you attend professional organizations?
  • Do you subscribe to e-mail lists for your industry?
  • Are you registering for expos and events in your industry?
  • Do you attend matchmaking events with agencies and prime contractors?