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Who are UH PTAC Clients?

Client Qualification

We ask prospective clients three questions about their business to establish if they are qualified for our program.

I have owned a business for at least 2 years.

The government is looking for stability in its vendors and is cautious about doing business with startup ventures. If you have not been in business for at least two years, we recommend you learn more about the basics of business and firm up your business strategies before you enter the government marketplace. We can arrange a referral to our network partner – the UH Small Business Development Center.  The UH SBDC Training Center offers business workshops designed to help you avoid common pitfalls, develop a business plan, learn marketing techniques and more.

I have sold my product/service in the commercial market.

A good track record of commercial sales can help convince government buyers that you will be able to meet their requirements.  If you have had experience selling your goods and services in the private sector the government can use your past performance history when evaluating your bid. You can also gain inside knowledge by starting out as a subcontractor to the large prime contractors before selling directly to the government. The primes take care of the major financial responsibility of proposal submission and contract maintenance while you begin to develop a valuable track record. 

I have the financial resources to support a government contract.  

Whether you are selling directly to a government agency or you are a subcontractor selling your products or services to a large prime contractor, you will need a strong cash flow. You may have to purchase materials or meet payroll demands at the same time you are waiting for payment on your government contract.  If you do not have the financial resources necessary to support a government contract, perhaps a loan or line of credit would help. We can refer you to our network partner – the UH Small Business Development Center – to find out whether or not you would qualify for financing and to access free consulting expertise to help you explore your options. 

If you feel that your business is a good fit for government sales, you must complete a written application for assistance..   

Client Application

We ask prospective clients to click here and complete our Application for Services.  The application is the first document we see and our source for basic data on your company.  We review your application and based on our assessment may refer you to the UH Small Business Development Center.


Once you submit the application, the next step in the process is for you to visit the Events calendar on the PTAC web site and sign up for our free Orientation Workshop.  The title of the workshop is “PTAC Orientation”.  All new applicants are required to attend the orientation as the first step.  If you need immediate assistance and time is of the essence please contact us at 713-752-8477.

Adviser Assignment

If we determine the UH PTAC is the right service provider for your needs, you will be assigned an adviser by our Program Coordinator.  Your adviser will contact you to invite you to the orientation and, once completed, will set up an initial appointment.  You adviser will make sure you have access to all the services that the UH PTAC offers. Your adviser will refer you to other PTAC advisers, UH SBDC advisers or outside resources depending on your specific need or request. Your adviser is there to see that you get access to the resources your business needs to thrive.