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GSA Schedules

Have you heard of "GSA Schedules" and are not sure what they are?  They are a contract vehicle for selling to the federal (and state) government.  Many federal agencies utilize Federal Supply Schedule contracts managed by the GSA to acquire goods and services. For vendors, a GSA Schedule contract is an excellent marketing tool. We can assist clients with the challenges of deciding whether they should seek a GSA Schedule contract. We can provide an overview of the GSA contract process, discuss why federal agencies use (and don't use) GSA Schedules, and the pros and cons of having GSA Schedule contracts. We will talk about the difference between schedules versus open solicitations and discuss issues businesses should consider before taking the "schedules plunge."

Once a client has decided to take on the process of getting on the GSA schedule, we can assist in selecting the right schedule for the client, advise you in developing your proposal, and coach you in your pricing and negotiation.  If you're a client, contact your PTAC counselor for assistance.  If you'd like to become a client - see our Get Started page for details.