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Assistance for Veteran Owned Businesses


Today, everything is electronic! You must be registered as a government contractor in order to do business with the government. There are three critical systems where you must register:

  1. System for Award Management (SAM)
  2. Small Business Administration (SBA) Profile / Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS)
  3. Center for Veteran Enterprise Vendor Information Pages (VIP)

Where are the Opportunities?

The government buys everything and everyone in the government buys. Where do veterans look for opportunities? We have three suggestions:

  • Department of Veterans Affairs the VA buys more from veterans than any other government department
  • FBO.gov lists all government acquisitions over $25K and you can filter by veteran set-asides
  • Subcontracting working with larger vendors that need veteran participation

What Is a Veteran Business?

A veteran business is a business that is 51% or more owned and controlled by one or more veterans. Historically (based on a 2003 SBA study) veterans start their businesses in two areas:construction and services. You can choose to go with the flow or go against the tide!

How Do You Use Your Status?

How do veterans advertise their experience and expertise? You need to identify yourself as a veteran. We have three suggestions:

  • Create an e-mail signature that identifies your status as a veteran-owned business.
  • Use a logo on business cards, e-mail and your web site that demonstrates your status.
  • Include your military experience in your capabilities statement as a key part of your business description.

If you have questions about your veteran-owned business, please e-mail us at our general mailbox sbdcptac@uh.edu.